Best Places to Kayak

Spring is quickly coming and temperatures are continuing to climb. People are ready to go outside, bask in the sun and hang out in the water. I’ve been busy checking out other blogs and resources to figure out the best places to go kayaking in the United States.


Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in northern Michigan offers an unforgettably scenic adventure. Here, kayakers will paddle alongside red and orange tinted sandstone cliffs that are 50 to 200 feet higher than Lake Superior’s shoreline. Luke Superior is the largest, deepest and coldest of the Great Lakes and the sandstone cliffs are memorable. When you kayak here, you will also be able to listen to the waves crash against the rocks and will see caves among other natural formations that have been carved by the waters for 500 million years.


Upper Iowa River is unlike most parts of Iowa because of its cliffs and rushing waters. The views here include sheer limestone cliffs. There is an area of the river where you can see cliffs, palisades and chimney rocks all at the same time. This river has fast currents and shifting sandbars so it is important to pay attention to the water. It is best to check out this spot during the Spring and Summer because it is easier to navigate the water after it has rained there.


Glacier Bay, Alaska’s cold waters are surrounded by tidewater glaciers, snowcapped mountains and pristine shorelines. You will see humpback whales, orcas, sea lions, seals and sea otters in the water. Outside of the water you might be able to see bears, otters, coyotes, moose and mountain goats. Usually more experienced kayakers go here. If you decide to go kayaking here, make sure you bring waterproof rain gear and other warm clothes.


The Everglades are probably the most popular kayaking spot in the United States. The Everglades have 10,00 tiny islands, forests, rugged landscapes and mangroves full of wildlife. This is a really great spot because you can do anything from taking a kayaking tour to fishing. This brackish area attracts all types of wildlife. As you kayak through this area, you can see brightly colored birds, snakes and alligators. Sometimes, you can even see manatees, dolphins, otters and sharks. The best time to kayak here is during the winter and spring months because it is cooler and drier. If you go during a different type of the year, you will be attacked by mosquitoes.


Check out this website to see more awesome places to canoe, kayak and raft


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