Benefits of Kayaking

Kayaking requires upper body strength, but is considered to be a low-impact sport. Kayaking has many benefits that include toning and strengthening muscles, improving joint health and mental health benefits. Kayaking can provide a lifetime of benefits and comes with many rewards. The basic skills to kayak take only a day or so to learn and can quickly become a hobby. This is a rewarding hobby that provides the basis for a healthy and fit lifestyle. Kayaking is relaxing, challenging, a social or solo activity and can last a few hours or can even turn into an expedition.

When paddling a kayak, most of a person’s upper body muscles are activated. The repetitive motions of paddling tone and strengthen muscles, and even burns calories too. It is estimated that 500 strokes are needed to paddle a kayak one mile. Kayaking helps to build strength in the core section of the body. Because of the control and balance that is required to kayak, the upper and lower abdominal muscles are strengthened. In addition to this, an isometric effect comes about in the legs when kayaking. The pressure that is used in legs to turn and balance the kayak acts as an isometric exercise through the tightening of the muscles.

Cardiovascular health is improved through kayaking. The continuous and brisk movement raises the heart rate, in turn increasing cardiovascular health.

Joint health is often improved through kayaking because of the low impact movements that are used to paddle. The movement patters improve range/motion and flexibility, which helps to keep joints fluid and lubricated. The extra calories that are burned from kayaking can also function as a natural weight loss aid that helps tired and aching joints. This helps joints because the more weight a person carries, the more stress that is placed on the joints.

Kayaking reduces stress and promotes relaxation for man people. A sense of calmness is created as a result of the smooth strokes upon the water, allowing kayakers to feel at peace with nature. Peaceful exercise in nature settings allow the mind to clear during the time spent exercising. This has a positive effect on stress relief and an improved mental state.

Disabled veterans can use kayaking to heal emotionally and physically. Kayaking is especially helpful to those who have lost limbs or suffered from spinal cord injuries. Team Rive Runner realized how beneficial this is and has created a wonderful program to work with wounded warriors.

Kayaking can also be a wonderful activity for someone with “exercise burnout”. Many people get really frustrated doing the same routine at the gym every day. This is the perfect activity to get a great workout in without setting foot in the gym.


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Hi everyone! My name is Lindsey and I am a senior studying Public Relations at the University of Maryland, College Park. I have created this blog to talk about Team River Runner for my Specialized Writing in PR class. I am excited to do this project because this is my first time blogging!

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