Hobie Sport Kayak

For years, my family has been going to the Baltimore Boat Show. This past weekend, we attended the event at the Baltimore Convention Center. The show displays the latest powerboats, sailboats, custom yachts and any time of water gear you can imagine. You can check out more information on the Boat Show here: http://www.baltimoreboatshow.com/. The Boat Show is a really cool event that showcases the newest water equipment; my favorite part is usually the yachts and the tugboats. The hands-on experience of being able to go in everything is one-of-a-kind (the only down fall being you have to remove your shoes which can sometimes be a process). However, this year the Hobie Sport kayak caught my eye.

Hobie Kayak

Hobie Kayak

The Hobie Sport is a new kayak that has a movable seat, making it perfect to accommodate kayakers of all heights and ability levels. Kayaks have spent their existence virtually unchanged. The Hobie Sport changed the concept of the kayak by getting rid of the paddle. This kayak even has drink and fishing rod holders. It even has the option to add a sail to it.

In this kayak model the paddle is replaced by a pedal. This makes kayaking easier and more efficient than it has been in the past. The pedals control a pair of underwater fins that can be compared to a penguin’s flippers. Pedalling the kayak takes no more energy than walking, and it is nearly effortless. It is quiet and creates no splash like a typical kayak. Reviews claim this kayak to be easy to maneuver and a great workout. Users enjoy that you can stay dry while kayaking in the Hobie Sport so it is perfect for even the winter months.

The Hobie Sport would be perfect for Team River Runner. When service members are wounded, there are a variety of injuries that can happen. If someone has lost an arm, the Hobie Sport would be a great alternative to a traditional kayak. By incorporating this model into Team River Runner’s fleet, it allows people with different types of injuries to be active in the program. There is a bungee tie-down feature and cargo space for storage while you are on the water.

This kayak model allows even more wounded warriors to join and participate in Team River Runner. By not having to use your arms, it gives an exciting opportunity to those with upper body injuries to participate in the kayaking because it eliminates the use of a paddle. The major downfall of this kayak is it does not come cheaply. The average Hobie Sport costs around $2,000, but it does come in five different exciting colors like Golden Papaya.

It would be very exciting to see Team River Runner try out the Hobie Sport with some of their members! Check out this kayak here: http://www.austinkayak.com/products/345/Hobie-Mirage-Sport-Kayak.html.


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Hi everyone! My name is Lindsey and I am a senior studying Public Relations at the University of Maryland, College Park. I have created this blog to talk about Team River Runner for my Specialized Writing in PR class. I am excited to do this project because this is my first time blogging!

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