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What Really Is A Biathlon?

It is not tough to figure out that a biathlon consists of two sports. In Team River Runner’s case, it is the combination of running/hand cycling for three miles and kayaking for one mile. In a biathlon you can compete by yourself or with a partner. If you compete as a team, one person does one event followed by the other person completing the other event.

In 1955 the biathlon became an olympic sport. 2013 marks the 9th year that Team River Runner will host a biathlon. Last year, Team River Runner expected to raise $140,000 between corporate and individual donations. This is an extremely important event because the proceeds benefit the rehabilitation of service members active and veteran.

Each year, check in starts at 7:00 a.m. leading up to the first race that begins at 9 a.m. Last year the event took place at The Washington Canoe Club but this year’s event venue has not yet been announced.

Transportation to the event is offered for active duty military from surrounding medical and military facilities.

The entry fee is $30 for the early birds and after that the price increases to $40. There is no fee for adaptive racers. Team River Runner stresses the importance of signing up in advance because no registrations can be made the day of the event.

The awards include kayak gear and there is a chili feast for everyone at the end of the race.

Throughout the day different heats take place including an early heat and elite heat. This allows participants to compete with others with similar abilities. This allows for beginners and professionals to have a great time at the event. My favorite heat is the Hooligan heat. At the end of the day, participants in this heat are asked to dress up in costume. This is a really fun way to be silly and goofy but still help a good cause.

The purpose of this biathlon is to have a great time and raise money. A donation of $100 outfits one veteran with a life jacket and helmet. $10,000 covers the cost of three veterans paddling in the grand canyon. Other monetary increments provide enough boats to equip a start-up chapter and even outfit veterans with ALL of the equipment they need to kayak safely.

Some fundraising tips include:

  • Decorating a collection box to collect donations at work or school
  • Taking advantage of corporate gift matching programs
  • Asking family or friends to collect donations from their network
  • Host a happy hour or other event and in-turn donating the proceeds

You should also…

  • Take advantage of social media. Create a fundraising page and stay connected with people who have donated. Make sure to share pictures and updates so everyone will know how well you are doing
  • Remind everyone that Team River Runner donations are tax-deductible
  • Thank your supporters!!

This biathlon is such an awesome event and I am excited to see what is in store for 2013!


Shop Team River Runner


Team River Runner has recently launched an online store where you can buy anything from sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, polos, bags and even towels. The store constantly posts new merchandise, most recently youth crewneck sweatshirts. Gift cards are also available to the online store and would be the perfect gift for a graduation, birthday or as a simple thank you for someone who supports Team River Runner. The gift cards come in values between $10 and $100. Women, men, youth, baby & toddler, headwear and accessories make up the major categories for shoppers.


The prices definitely do not break the bank running about $16 for a t-shirt and $45 for a sweatshirt. The online store offers quick shipping options and a variety of color choices for most of their products. Bulk discounts are also offered. Team River Runner also offers sales and discounts. By signing up for email alerts, customers can be more informed when sales are happening.


Team River Runner’s products will fit any supporter’s needs or wants. Fieldhouse, a privately owned business in Washington allows Team River Runner to sell the custom logo merchandise online. The online design tool is an awesome feature. It allows customers to choose from product color and logo options that are available. If the customer desires, he or she may also personalize it with their name or anything else. It creates an easy shopping experience and the order ships anywhere.


After browsing the online store I decided to order a Crewneck sweatshirt. It was featured as a new item and the Team River Runner logo centered on the sweatshirt caught my interest. The sweatshirt was offered in five colors but eventually I settled on royal blue. I was also able to pick the size and color of my logo. I thought it was a nice feature that my sweatshirt was custom made so no one would have one exactly like mine. The ordering process was painless. I entered my information and was told that my sweatshirt would ship in 10 days. I am eager for my sweatshirt to arrive. I am excited to see if it will spark conversation when I wear it.


Offering promotional apparel and novelty items is a great way to spread the word about Team River Runner. It allows customers to show their support for this great cause and could inspire other people to become involved. It is also another way to raise money for the wounded warriors. If chapter members all purchased similar apparel, it would create a sense of unity and could strengthen the ties between the chapters. It allows for members to look more uniform and professional.


The online store seems to be a success. Customers have many options when making a purchase creating a custom shopping experience. By purchasing a Team River Runner item, Team River Runner supporters can outwardly show their enthusiasm for Team River Runner. On the Team River Runner online store there is something unique for all supporters. Check out the online store here:

This looks really cool. I wonder if TRR could incorporate it into their program.

A Charmed Yogi

soldiers with PTSD doing yoga

One of my favorite bloggers strikes again with a great piece on how yoga can help people afflicted with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Starre Vartan dug into the studies on how yoga is helping our service men and women manage their symptoms. 

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